Wedding Guide

A Guide when booking your Wedding Function Band

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to play at many weddings across the North of England, and occasionally further afield.

On each booking, we keep in regular contact with you, our client, to let you know that our preparations are going well and everything is in hand – one less thing to worry about – and as the large majority of our gigs are private weddings, you can be assured of our experience and knowledge.



There are a few things to consider with your venue, to ensure we’re aware of any non-standard set ups or requirements.

Power Source

We’d need to know that there are sufficient power sockets in the stage/performance area, or if you’re in a marquee, that your generator can feed the band with sufficient power.  For buildings, we ask for at least 2 x double sockets, but more if available, and for marquee’s we can discuss our power needs with your generator hire company, or wedding planner.  Generally, we’ll draw around 7-8kW when we have our equipment and lighting plugged in and running.

Sound Limiter

There are more venues now where they are required to have a sound limited fitted.  In our experience, this is generally when the venue is close by residential areas, but may not always be the case.

A sound limiter is designed to cut power to electrical sockets when the noise (in dB) detected is at or over a set threshold – normally for a continual number of seconds.  This means that venues with sound limiters are often difficult, or impossible to perform at, and bands will always struggle to play to the low level set.

If your venue has a limiter fitted, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find out more about the limit it is set to, as it may be the case that the band would be unable to play.

As an example, a vacuum cleaner is around 80dB, a busy road around 85db and a motorbike 100dB.  We’ve found that sound limiters are often set well below 100dB (somewhere in the 85-95dB range).


Your Big Day

Like everything, this is all about the timing, and organising what happens when.  Here’s our approximate plan for the day:

  • Arrival around 1.5 hours prior to your evening reception starting – normally this is around 6pm
  • Our band will load equipment into the function room, set up and sound check, vacating the room ready for your guests arriving or returning – often around 7:30pm
  • The band will need around 20-30 minutes prior to the first set to finish getting changed, tuned and warmed up
  • First set to be played, which is recommended to be either before any food is served, or 45-60 minutes after.  This will depend on the time at which you will be feeding your evening guests
  • Second set to be complete by 11:30pm.

As an example of timings, your evening could run as follows:

  • First set 8:30-9:30
  • Buffet at 9:30
  • Second set 10:30-11:30

The key point to note here is to avoid the buffet and the band clashing – after all, not many people want to dance when the buffet table is calling! 🙂


Set Lists

The band will decide on the set lists for the day, composing lists of songs to flow into one another and making sure that the flow of songs works.  However, we’re more than happy to take a few requests from our clients of songs, and if we can fit some in, we will.

When the band isn’t playing, we can offer to play music for you and your guests, through our sound system – again, this can be completely arranged by us, or you can provide song lists/playlists for us to play for you.


What are the bands requirements on the day?

The band will need the space and time to set up and sound check.  Beyond this, all we ask is for a lockable room to change in and ‘hang out’  before and between playing.  The room does need to have a lock (not a toilet!) as we will leave our change of clothes and a few other items in there.

The band also needs soft drinks and food, but nothing specific other than to have a vegetarian option for up to 3 people.  Often customers will allow the band to have the same food as their guests, but this is of course up to you.


How do I book?

Head over to our contact page to send us an email, or give us a call.

We’ll check your date for availability, and confirm availability along with the cost to hire the band.

To confirm the booking, you just need to sign our contract (all online – no printing, signing, posting or scanning required!) and pay a deposit of £200 – and that’s it, we’re booked!



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