Packages and Prices

Wedding Function Band – Packages and Prices

For Funk Sake Wedding Function Band Leeds Yorkshire

For Funk Sake Wedding Function Band Leeds Yorkshire

The core Funk Sake band is a 6 piece band, comprising of vocals and rhythm section.  However, for larger venues and budgets, the band is available in different sizes up to 9 piece.

The core band members required for each booking are:

  • Vocals
  • Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Drums

We can then add any remaining instruments/vocals to this for your booking.

Function Band Prices

The price to hire the band depends on the location of the event, and the size of band booked however, for a local* function prices start from £900.

Extra Services

We can also provide:

  • Piano player, singer etc for background music at events and weddings
  • Additional dance floor lighting
  • Band Karaoke
  • Recording booth
  • Free DJ service**

Additional services come with a 10% discount when booked for the same event as the main band.

* Local is the West Yorkshire area

** Song playlists provided by the band, or you, for when the band isn’t playing, up to Midnight at your event


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